1. Karate training is the development of the spirit and character of a person and a student of Karate should develop patience, tolerance and humility.
  2. Karate is an art of Self-defence and should not be used indiscriminatrely, Provocation is not an excuse for using Karate. It should only be used as a defence against physical attack and even under such circumstances it should be used with restraint and without malice.
  3. Karate is not for show and should not be trained with the intention of showing of. It should only be exhibited for educational and charitable pupose and with the approval of Academy of Karate Do International
  4. Karate students should develop good manners and respect for the elders and thier instructors.
  5. While all possible precautions are taken, the A.K.I. Founder and Instructors shall not be responsible for any accidents which may occur before & after the training of the trainee who joins the training at thier own risk.
  6. Persons found having criminal records or of bad character will not be permitted to continue training in the Karate Centre.
  7. Person who use Karate to bully or for brawls in public will be expelled from the training centre and from the A.K.I.
  8. A trainee who absents himself from training without prior notice in writing is still liable for the training fees. However, a trainee who gives prior notice in writing of his intention to be absent from the training centre shall not be liable for training fees for those months during which he absents himself.
  9. Once the trainee has left the Training from A.K.I. he will not be entertained further in A.K.I. activities.